Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tuesday Tidbit

I'm about to write a magazine for the first time, and it isn't fan mail!

I'm a subscriber to Canadian Living Magazine.  Normally I really enjoy reading their articles.  June 2013 had an article entitled 10 Food Myths Debunked (for Good).

The last myth was:

Myth: eating too much sugar causes diabetes.
Truth: "this is not a myth so much as an oversimplification of the facts".  "people with diabetes are advised to cut back on sugar, so this may be why sugar has mistakenly been labelled as the cause of the disease.  In fact, the cause is more complex".  It goes on to give a few risk factors, then says "while you wil not get diabetes from eating sugar, limiting sweets is important for everyone". and that "dietary improvements for people with diabetes include eating less sugar, but also choosing whole grains instead of refined grains, planning regular balanced meals and drinking water as their main beverage".

I couldn't believe what I was reading.....water as their main beverage. 

No wonder there are so many untruths out there.

So, as I'm ready to write my letter to the magazine, what would you like to see me include?

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