Thursday, 20 February 2014

Pumpin for a year

Amy has a whole year under her belt now....or around her waist if you want to be specific!
She's been pumping for a year.

We all love the convenience, it's made quite the difference in our life.

She's had a slow but steady decline in her A1C.  The only issue we have is still with the sensitivity of the CGM sensor.  If we calibrate overnight at all there becomes such a difference in the BG and the SG that it eventually craps out on us with terrible isig numbers.  Not sure what we are doing wrong, it worked wonderful for the first few months.

We are travelling to the city for clinic day on Tuesday.  Amy's looking forward to the water slide, and me, I'm looking forward to some shopping!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Second Diaversary

Another year has come and gone and it's hard to believe its been two years already.
In that time, my little girl has changed before my eyes, evolving into a bright, responsible child.

In honor of her second diaversary, we did what anyone would do, we celebrated with cake and presents!

Amy received a gift certificate from Maplelea, a Canadian version of American Girl and some handmade doll clothes.

I've also written this little thing:

It's been two years since you came into our lives
like a permanent, uninvited guest.
We've taken some time to get to know you
and still feel like you're a Pest.

The site changes, sensor changes, and finger sticks
still make my baby girl cringe.
But changing to the pump has made it easier
and much better than using the syringe.

3am gluc checks night after night
in range I hope and I pray.
Can't rely on the number seen before bed
it changes depending on the day.

It's a lot of hard work for a little girl,
especially when you damper the fun.
Luckily, our family has learned the ropes 
and know what needs to be done.

Who knows how much longer you'll be around
How much more my baby will endure
Until that much hoped for day
When we're told there is a CURE!