Monday, 25 February 2013

Pump Update

So far, so good!

Saturday we completed our first infusion set change ourselves.  There was a few anxious tears again, however, Amy asked if she did better than the last time.  Although I think she was a little worse, I told her I thought it was about the same.  She gave a hesitant smile and said she will do better next time.

I'm starting to feel like I have a newborn at home again, with all the overnight wakings.

I haven't been this darn tired in some time now, but we feel its worth it.

We've seen a number of benefits already, as well as not so many lows, and not so many high, highs.

I'm hoping we get our settings all straightened out soon.  I know it will take some time, but I can dream right?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pump It Up!

Yesterday, we officially became pumpers!

After a blizzard on Monday, and the medtronic rep's flight being diverted to Halifax due to high winds on Tuesday, we finished our education session and started up on Wednesday.

Amy was very brave.  There were a few anxious tears before the first insertion but in all honesty, I had it in before she even knew it was done.

When we came home, Mamma (as my girls call my mom) had a nifty pumpholder made for her.  Think Too Sweet Boutique-like.  I'm very grateful for it, and hoping that she makes a lot more.  Although, we are waiting for our two bags to arrive from too sweet, I realized they wouldn't make them here in time for our start up.  My mom jumped in to the rescue.

We've adjusted things already.  She went low last night, so we decreased the basals overnight, and she has gone high after snacks and meals.  When we did the math for the insulin:carbohydrate ratio before entering it into the pump, I knew it was off.  I think it will need to be adjusted again soon.

(before adding the pump pouch)

Anyone have any advise or words of wisdom?

Monday, 18 February 2013

Pump Training Delay

We spent a glorious weekend at the cabin, snowshoeing, sliding and snowmobiling. I came home feeling rested and relaxed. Amy's BG was excellent over the weekend despite all those extra treats, thanks to all the exercise.

Last night I scrambled in an attempt to finishing reading Pumping Insulin by John T Walsh and Ruth E Roberts.  We were scheduled to start our pump training this Monday afternoon with a start up on Tuesday.

Guess What?

We're postponed...........for a..........BLIZZARD!

This is like the 5th time this month that school has been closed due to weather conditions. But its not that, that has me miffed.

I'm anxious. I'm worried. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm scared.

I just want to start it.  This new journey.  This new learning experince in how to manage my baby's diabetes.

I'm looking for better control, and more flexibility.

We wait until tomorrow.

Let's hope for better days ahead.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

This is the second valentines day we have celebrated with diabetes.  Last year we were just newbies at only 7 days in!  To be honest, I can't even remember what we did, if we did anything at all.

This morning for breakfast, I made Amy a whole wheat toasted egg sandwich in the shape of a heart, pink strawberry milk and vanilla yogurt. She loved her valentine breakfast.

Usually at school, the kids are discouraged from bringing in class snacks, for everyone to share because of the high incidence of allergies at our school.  However, no one in Amy's class this year has any known allergies.  I knew there would be cupcakes and cookies ( oh my!) and that Amy would want something.  So I did what any seasoned D-Mom would do, I made sugar free cherry and strawberry jello cups with cool whip and heart sprinkles.  The class loved them!  And Amy had a shortbread cookie with her name on it too. She was a wee bit high at suppertime, but we corrected and she felt it was totally worth it.

After supper we gave out their little gifts, valentine nightgowns, mini lego set, heart notebooks, crayons and a mini chocolate. We got big hugs and they didn't notice the lack of chocolate or candy from previous years.

Me, I received a little something I've been eyeing for awhile......check it out.

These Willow Tree ornaments totally reminded me of my girls, Amy on the left and Rylie on the right.  Have you ever seen something that reminded you so much of your children that you just had to have it?
I hope everyone had an enjoyable day and were surrounded by those who mean the most to you.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy First Diaversary!

We did it!

We made it rhough 365 days, over 3000 BG checks and almost 1500 needles.

What a trooper!

We've made it through stomach bugs, flus and colds, Kindergarden, and the start of all day Grade one!Birthday parties, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, ballet recitals, soccer practice, Spark meetings and cabin visits. 

It hasn't always been easy, it hasn't always been perfect, but we did it!

Today, we celebrate, not because Amy has diabetes, but because she is living a great life despite diabetes!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A low and some tears

My heart breaks for Amy this morning

We had a huge snowstorm, its been brewing since yesterday.  There was no school yesterday or today.  More than 30+ cm of the fluffy white stuff fell with high winds.  My husband is away.  I shovelled for more than 45 minutes this morning so I could make it to work.  Most of the town is shut down until after lunch today for clean up.

In amongst all that I quickly got breakfast ready for the girls so I could shower.  It wasn't stellar.  Amy begged for sugary cereal like her sister, so I relented and let her have corn pops (with some meat, yogurt and milk as well).  She wasn't going to school today so she could be watched by Mamma (her grandmother).

Snack time came, I received a call, what should she have.....yogurt and teddy grahams like the other girls.  Sure, just keep an eye on her, she was only 4.6 (83) this morning so I had decreased her NPH for the day, but gave her regular Novorapid dose (remember the sugary cereal).

I received a second call.  Amy finished her snack then said she really didn't feel well.  BG check. 2.1(38).
A freaking 2.1.  That's the lowest she has ever been and I wasn't home with her.  I feel like its all my fault for not decreasing the rapid dose.  Amy gets on the phone crying and apologizing. 

It's okay baby.  Its not your fault.  It's my fault.

No mommy, its stupid diabetes fault.

She's right.  Its not our fault.  I wish I was home with her. We could snuggle and watch movies all day while storm continues to brew outside......and inside her.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Diabetes Art Day 2013

Happy Diabetes Art Day!

I only learned about this last week.  It sounded fun.  I thought, yes, lets do it.
My husband went to the cabin this weekend.  We had ballet and a birthday party. We didn't do it :(

However, I remembered a picture that Amy drew while we were at Montana's for supper after our first visit to the Endo.

You see, where I live there is no children's hospital.  There are no specialists at our hospital.  We are staffed with amazing family physicians, but there are some things that you just want to see the speicalist for.

Amy was diagnosed February 8th, 2012.  It wasn't until March that we made it to the Janeway Children's Hospital to see the Endocrinologist and diabetes team.  They managed to get us in because we were already flying to St. John's to see the ENT for our youngest to have her tonsils removed.

While we were out for supper, the girls were doodling on the brown craft paper table cloths.  Amy finishes up her drawing and asks us to guess what it was.  Upside down, I had no idea what it was.  She then took her insulin pen and put it next to her drawing.

I was both proud of how well she drew it and sad that she even knew what it was.

Hope you all enjoy your day, school is cancelled here with an impending winter storm!

Amy's Diabetes Art Day Entry
Insulin Pen drawing & Pen

Rylie and I
Two days Post tonsilectomy
Corey and Amy