Monday, 18 February 2013

Pump Training Delay

We spent a glorious weekend at the cabin, snowshoeing, sliding and snowmobiling. I came home feeling rested and relaxed. Amy's BG was excellent over the weekend despite all those extra treats, thanks to all the exercise.

Last night I scrambled in an attempt to finishing reading Pumping Insulin by John T Walsh and Ruth E Roberts.  We were scheduled to start our pump training this Monday afternoon with a start up on Tuesday.

Guess What?

We're postponed...........for a..........BLIZZARD!

This is like the 5th time this month that school has been closed due to weather conditions. But its not that, that has me miffed.

I'm anxious. I'm worried. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm scared.

I just want to start it.  This new journey.  This new learning experince in how to manage my baby's diabetes.

I'm looking for better control, and more flexibility.

We wait until tomorrow.

Let's hope for better days ahead.

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