Monday, 4 February 2013

Diabetes Art Day 2013

Happy Diabetes Art Day!

I only learned about this last week.  It sounded fun.  I thought, yes, lets do it.
My husband went to the cabin this weekend.  We had ballet and a birthday party. We didn't do it :(

However, I remembered a picture that Amy drew while we were at Montana's for supper after our first visit to the Endo.

You see, where I live there is no children's hospital.  There are no specialists at our hospital.  We are staffed with amazing family physicians, but there are some things that you just want to see the speicalist for.

Amy was diagnosed February 8th, 2012.  It wasn't until March that we made it to the Janeway Children's Hospital to see the Endocrinologist and diabetes team.  They managed to get us in because we were already flying to St. John's to see the ENT for our youngest to have her tonsils removed.

While we were out for supper, the girls were doodling on the brown craft paper table cloths.  Amy finishes up her drawing and asks us to guess what it was.  Upside down, I had no idea what it was.  She then took her insulin pen and put it next to her drawing.

I was both proud of how well she drew it and sad that she even knew what it was.

Hope you all enjoy your day, school is cancelled here with an impending winter storm!

Amy's Diabetes Art Day Entry
Insulin Pen drawing & Pen

Rylie and I
Two days Post tonsilectomy
Corey and Amy

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  1. Very nice! Passing along some well-deserved *high-fives*