Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Where's your glucometer?

Last wednesday I received a text and then call from my mom around 3:00pm.  Amy was home from school and my mom (who is our daytime caregiver) was emptying her schoolbag.  There was no glucometer.  She questioned Amy to the where abouts, and of course the response was "I dunno".

I left work taking an hour family leave and hightailed it down to the school before they closed for the day.

We searched the classroom, her desk, the surrounding desks, her locker, the surrounding lockers, the gym, her school kit bag, the hallway.  We questioned the custodian, we called the bus superintendent, the substitute teacher.

No Glucometer.

We have spares.  It wasn't so much that it was gone as I wanted the readings from lunchtime and when she was low.  She had been having a lot of lows that week and we were making adjustments.

I went home.

"its not my fault!"

I'm not blaming you, I'm just asking you when the last time you saw it.  "I put it in my backpack after lunch".

I sent a facebook message to the mom of the kid whose school bag is hung next to Amy's.  Please tell me Amy's glucometer is in J's bag.  This mom is the mom of a T1 kid, one of the few in our town.  She understood my frustration.  It wasn't there.

While Amy was at Sparks I went to the drugstore and got a new one.  Just in case.  Amy was comfortable with this one.  We have several, but she knows this one.  I emailed our CDE the next morning and she promised to mail us some new stickers to put on it.  Good as new.

"I don't like the case mom.  I want my old one".

The substitute teacher checked all the kids bags the next day.  Nothing.  It was gone.

Last night while the girls and I were at piano there was a knock at the door.  According to my husband there stood a sheepish little boy from Amy's class and his mom.  "we're sorry".

There was the glucometer.  Nothing touched, no new readings, no strips gone.  No harm.

The mom was devistated.  She doesn't know why, the boy doesn't know why.

Amy says, "I must have left it on his desk and he put it in his bag.  I'm happy to have my good case back".

Mystery solved.

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