Tuesday, 29 January 2013

D-Mom Blog giveaway (again!)

We have been looking for a new bag for Amy this week, since she is scheduled to start the pump in 4 weeks (ekk!) and I think we will be needing the extra room..  We currently use a Moped Day Pack by Lug.  So far, it has served us well.  My husband purchased it because he didn't want to carry around the glittery bag I was using until I found something more suitable.

We came across the LoveBug bag from Myabetic and Amy fell in love with it.

You can have a chance to win this bag, or The Champ by visiting D-mom blog at the following link:


If neither of us wins, you can still get your own for 15% off at Myabetic by using discount code DMOM.

Good Luck! (but I hope I win!)

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