Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas and New Years

Well, I've been trying to get a Christmas post done for sometime now, but my iPad still keeps giving me an error when I attempt a new post.  I'm definitely going to try to get more up on how to use this blogger site.  I've been reading many more people's blogs lately and have been trying to start at the beginning just so I know each of your stories.  It's amazing the strength and insight you can achieve by connecting to others who share something with you.

I hope everyone who celebrates christmas had a wonderful holiday, we certainly did, although I had to return to work the day after Boxing Day while the rest of my family was off!

Here are some picture highlights.

My Family
Christmas 2012

The girls before their piano recital

The girls in front of our tree

Our annual Gingerbread House

Just hung the stockings 

Christmas Morning with homemade Monster High hats

Christmas Day outfits made by my mom

New Years was a big weekend for us.  We packed everything up and headed to our cabin on Saturday.  We had had two great days of snowshoing, sliding, snowmobiling and visiting friends.  We were all set for Monday night complete with our own fireworks.  The weather had a different plan. We woke to a heavy snowfall warning.  I couldn't see across the lake.  Rylie was contrary and had managed to get both thumbs infected (how the.....).  We decided after lunch, when the weather lifted some, that we would pack up and head home for the night.  We had a much quieter evening than expected, dropping into my parents house, setting off our fireworks there, then heading to bed very early.

Our Cabin

Amy Sliding

The girls snow shoeing

Rylie learned to drive the MiniZ

Some of our fireworks

Here's hoping for a great 2013, with much less medical surprises than last year.  and that our introduction to the pump goes smoothly.

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