Monday, 7 January 2013

After Bed Lows

Last night I had just settled down to watch Republic of Doyle.  This is a Canadian TV series on CBC about a father/son P.I. based in Newfoundland.  I just love it.  Its funny and it showcases Newfoundland culture....accent and all.  It had just come on, opening credits done, cliff hanger from last season - did I mention this was the season premier?- when I hear....
Nah I'm just hearing things.
Was that one of the girls. straining to hear. muting the television. No it can't be, its 9pm.
I paused the tv (love the PVR function), grabbed the glucometer, and took off running.  This is the first time that Amy has ever woken for a low.  I sit on the edge of her bed, grab her hand, prick her finger and wait.
beeeeep. 3.1.  What?  "Told you!" she smiles with that big toothless grin.

I have no idea where that number came from.  She's on NPH morning and bedtime and Rapid breakfast and suppertime.  She was 8.0 at bedtime 2 hours before and had a good snack.

She drank a juice and I told her that after we test again that she would have to have something to eat.  Usually I get some resistance but I got an eager "okay, I want crackers, cheese and turkey! Yummy, I'm starving". We tested, got the snack ready, and she devoured it.  While Corey and I were discussing the low, not able to reason it out at all, she pipes up with "well, sister and I were dancing all crazy while you were on the was fun" (insert shoulder shrugging). 

Now, Amy knows that for gym, playing on the trampoline, riding bike, exercise like activities, etc that she may need an extra snack, but I guess in her mind she was just having fun.  Like a regular kid.  Except she isn't just a regular kid anymore.

My husband tested her again at midnight and all was good.  I woke up as always asking for her number.

This morning she woke up quite chipper and easily got up and ready for school......just to have it cancelled for severe windchill (-40C).

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