Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A low and some tears

My heart breaks for Amy this morning

We had a huge snowstorm, its been brewing since yesterday.  There was no school yesterday or today.  More than 30+ cm of the fluffy white stuff fell with high winds.  My husband is away.  I shovelled for more than 45 minutes this morning so I could make it to work.  Most of the town is shut down until after lunch today for clean up.

In amongst all that I quickly got breakfast ready for the girls so I could shower.  It wasn't stellar.  Amy begged for sugary cereal like her sister, so I relented and let her have corn pops (with some meat, yogurt and milk as well).  She wasn't going to school today so she could be watched by Mamma (her grandmother).

Snack time came, I received a call, what should she have.....yogurt and teddy grahams like the other girls.  Sure, just keep an eye on her, she was only 4.6 (83) this morning so I had decreased her NPH for the day, but gave her regular Novorapid dose (remember the sugary cereal).

I received a second call.  Amy finished her snack then said she really didn't feel well.  BG check. 2.1(38).
A freaking 2.1.  That's the lowest she has ever been and I wasn't home with her.  I feel like its all my fault for not decreasing the rapid dose.  Amy gets on the phone crying and apologizing. 

It's okay baby.  Its not your fault.  It's my fault.

No mommy, its stupid diabetes fault.

She's right.  Its not our fault.  I wish I was home with her. We could snuggle and watch movies all day while storm continues to brew outside......and inside her.

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