Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pump It Up!

Yesterday, we officially became pumpers!

After a blizzard on Monday, and the medtronic rep's flight being diverted to Halifax due to high winds on Tuesday, we finished our education session and started up on Wednesday.

Amy was very brave.  There were a few anxious tears before the first insertion but in all honesty, I had it in before she even knew it was done.

When we came home, Mamma (as my girls call my mom) had a nifty pumpholder made for her.  Think Too Sweet Boutique-like.  I'm very grateful for it, and hoping that she makes a lot more.  Although, we are waiting for our two bags to arrive from too sweet, I realized they wouldn't make them here in time for our start up.  My mom jumped in to the rescue.

We've adjusted things already.  She went low last night, so we decreased the basals overnight, and she has gone high after snacks and meals.  When we did the math for the insulin:carbohydrate ratio before entering it into the pump, I knew it was off.  I think it will need to be adjusted again soon.

(before adding the pump pouch)

Anyone have any advise or words of wisdom?


  1. Way to go, you guys!

    Hang in there - it can seem really rough as you figure out and fine-tune all of the settings. Work closely with your care team and the clinical trainer with your pump company - they are typically experts at helping figure all of that stuff out.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the encouragement. Amy is loving not taking the needles with her meals, but is quite anxious for her first site change.