Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Father's Day Weekend

I'm a little late on the post, but had a very busy week

Amy started her CGM Wednesday, then had sports day Thursday.  Note to teachers, don't keep treating her low until the arrows change direction, you still need to wait 15 minutes!  (not to put down her teacher, she's amazing and have taken on more responsibility than I could have asked for)

Rylie had her Aboriginal Family Center School Readiness Program graduation Thursday night.  She received an award for best attendance, and they did a traditional Inuit drum dance for us.  Off to Kindergarten in September!

Saturday we had the soccer festival, which is the end of the Shriners Minor Soccer program for the summer.  It was cold and windy, but the girls had a blast.  We then worked some more on the backyard.  We are reseeding grass and building a new deck.  The girls spent most of that time in the trampoline and riding bike. Love! LOVE!  the CGM, which caught two lows.

Amy with the ball at the Soccer Fest

This is what 10 (of 15) loads of topsoil looks like

Not only was Sunday Father's Day, but it was also my birthday.  The girls wanted to make breakfast for us since it was a special day for both of us.  They have never done anything in the kitchen before without help, but they gathered up everything for cereal and yogurt for us.  They were so proud.  Amy even used a measuring cup to portion out our cereal "just like you do for me!"

We did some more yard work, went out for supper, and had carrot cake at my parents house to end the weekend,

A great time for sure!

Me and My girls on my birthday

I also wanted to take the time to say Happy Father's Day to Corey.  He is an amazing father to both girls.  He was played a HUGE roll in their lives, right from the beginning, changing diapers, bathing and helping with feedings.  When Rylie came along, he did most everything for Amy while I took over the newborn.  As they got older, we shared the duties between us.  He took everything in stride when Amy was diagnosed.  Always keeping a level head, and diving right in.  What started out with only mommy being allowed to give pen injections soon turned into only daddy.  What started off with only mommy doing pump site changes turned into mostly daddy, and the start of the CGM, well, mommy is yet to change a sensor.


I always knew Corey was a great guy, and would make an amazing dad, and he's proved me right every step of the way (but don't tell him that!)

Now, to get through this last week of school while he's away!

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