Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sensor Fail

So yesterday we pulled a CGM Sensor early.

It was only 3 days old out of the 6 it should last.

WE haven't had an issue with the CGM until yesterday.

She was steady all night, had a good number before breakfast.  Even ate an apple toaster strudel with the icing for breakfast.  I expected a spike for sure.

At work, my phone rings.  This is my mother, who now has Amy full time for the summer.  Amy is predicting a low at 9.0 mmol/L.  We have a bit of time to work with, no arrows.  Give her a granola bar with the yogurt coating. 


Calls back a few mins later.  Still predicting a low, what now?  Give it some time, the SG lags behind the BG, it will take some time to go up.


Calls back a few mins later.  Still predicting a low, 2 arrows down.....but meter is reading 16.

What the hey?

Trust the BG, not the CGM. (*scratching head and thinking hmmm, thought it was weird that she was low after breakfast*)  Told her to wait it out as lots of IOB.

Amy calls me.  Mommy, something is like crazy with my CGM.  It says 2.0 mmol/L and shut off, but my meter says I'm 20.0 mmol/L.

CRAP!  okay, I'm coming home.

When I get home, I find out they also gave a Koolaid Jammer because they were freaked out by the continuing low alerts and arrows.  That Amy had restarted the basal when it auto-shut-off, and that she felt funny.

I checked the ISIG and it was the lowest I'd ever seen it (although I still don't know what its for, was just told to check it when things seem off).  I decided to turn off the CGM, then turn it back on, finding the old sensor.  I gave a correction for the 20 mmol/L for the 40g of carbs she got because they thought she was low, then headed back to work. rings again!  now the CGM says 20 mmol/L and the meter says 12 mmol/L.

Just leave it.  Watch how you feel while outside this afternoon and we will change the sensor when we change the site before supper.

And that's what we did. 

Apparently she was outside all afternoon, then at the playground for an hour in the evening.  Oh activity, how you mess with my life and sleep (or lack thereof!)

I was up until 2am fighting lows.  Two uncovered snacks of crackers and cheese and yogurt.  Three apple juice and one strawberry milk later, with a reduced overnight basal of 50% I finally felt comfortable to go to sleep. 

And guess what?

Her CGM and meter were spot on....all night......I was amazed!

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