Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sensor This

Wednesday at 3:00pm we became part of the diabetes community using a CGM.

I love it already, and more importantly, so does Amy!

She was pretty apprehensive first, almost in tears as we left school to come to her appointment,  didn't help that we were treating a low from being outside during lunch hour.

The Medtronic Rep was great, she had Amy come up and she showed her the sensor on the fake belly, let her touch it, and gave her a mini Lenny the Lion.

When we took a quick break, Amy said that it didn't sound so bad.

Then it was time for insertion.  Her father did the insertion while Amy played Candy Crush.  She made a tiny little flinch, which was more from the click than anything because she said she didn't feel a thing.

It takes 2 hours to initialize, then was ready for our first calibration.

She had subway for supper, then headed to the backyard on the trampoline before Soccer.  We went to soccer, and noticed a 5.0 reading with a down arrow, before soccer even started.  I gave her a snack.  When she came back to her bench after her second shift, she had a "predicting low BG" alarm. She drank a strawberry milk and was back on the floor.  We made it through with no lows.

Now, we've never used a baby monitor before, but I think I will have to start.  I slept through the predicting low alarm in the middle of the night, and woke when she was actually going low.  Our pump has the shut off for 2 hours when your reading goes below your programmed level.  Thankfully it never went that far.  She was at 3.9 when I caught it.  I treated and set a temp basal, but guess I didn't need both as it wasn't long before she was above 10 mmol/L.

My one request from Medtronic would be to have the My Sentry available in Canada.  I would love to have one of those!  Then I wouldn't need the baby monitor, nor worry about sleeping through alarms.

So far, it's been great, Amy loves looking at the readings.  She has her end of year sports day and picnic today, so I hope this will help.

Now, to convince her she doesn't need to look at the screen every 5 mins!

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