Sunday, 2 June 2013

Slinging topsoil, and being a pancrease

I can't believe its Sunday evening already!

We spent almost the entire weekend outdoors.  For anyone who knows what the weather in Labrador is like, we have COLD winters, and HOT summers (believe it or not).  But, our summer is usually limited to the months of July and August.  Although our snow melted early this years, we are still only in 10-15 degrees C right now.  However, other than some rain on Friday night, and some pretty cold early morning temps, we had a great weekend.  That meant a lot of yard work!

Yard cleared of most old grass and weed by loader

We had 10 loads of topsoil delivered Saturday.  We spent most of that day cleaning up edging, removing old sod that was full of weeds and moss, treating ant hills and dumping countless wheelbarrows full of stuff.  Today, we spent the day doing the initial topsoil spread (ie in small corners and crevices) before the loader comes to do the bulk of it tomorrow. 

This is what 10 dump truck loads of topsoil looks like
(doesn't do it justice!)

This is all the wheelbarrows full of stuff we removed

All the while I was attempting to manage Amy's diabetes.

I've said it before and I'll say it again....Man outside playing is hard on the lows!  I gave extra snacks without bolusing, I temp basaled until it was only delivering 0.05 units/hr, I broke the day up with some quiet time.....and we were still full of lows! And last night, I was up every 2 hours, checking on her (please let us start the CGM next week like is planned)!

I'm not really sure where to look for advice on how to manage that.  Any ideas?

Otherwise, we had a great weekend. 
I was on call and only had to go into work once :)

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