Monday, 19 November 2012


It's been awhile since I've posted....almost a full month!  But, I've had a good reason, every time I tried to draft a new post, I'd get some weird error.  I've finally managed to bypass it, so I'm going to post a few today to get caught up.

October 31st was our first Halloween since diagnosis, and I wasn't sure how Amy would handle it.  We had a little hurdle earlier on in the day, but we dealt and moved on.  At break time at work a received a phone call from the vice principal of the school (we don't have a school nurse).  She told me that Amy made a little mistake and was quite upset.  Since the school was having a number of halloween activities, their regular schedule wasn't being followed, at recess time, Amy ate her entire lunch as her recess.  They tested her and she was 14, what did I want to do.  I put Amy on the phone who cried for me to come to the school.  When I got their, she wanted to leave with me, since she was so upset, I agreed, but told her I would bring her back to school after lunch.

Turns out she wanted to leave because she was worried the other kids in her class would laugh at her.

She went from 14 to 17, to 17.5 to 17.8 by the time I brought her back to school.  She skipped lunch altogether, but had a good snack with her to have during the party at school that afternoon.  Disaster essentially avoided.

We had a quick subway supper then out trick-or-treating.

Rylie-Dalmatian & Amy -Abbey from Monster High

The girls received bags full of treats, and many of our friends and family had bags done up for the girls.  They always had special bags from certain people, but this year we received a lot of good treats for Amy like yogurt tubes, cheese strings and junior juices.  We also had an agreement that both girls could trade the rest of their treats for a special prize from mommy and daddy.  They loved their new dolls!

The girls and their loot

All in all we had a pretty good first halloween with diabetes.

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