Monday, 19 November 2012

Bedroom fit for a princess!

Instead of enjoying the last long weekend before Christmas by relaxing at the cabin, we decided to do some much needed work around the house.  We had been putting most of our time and energy into fixing up our cabin over the summer months, that we hadn't spent a whole lot of time at home on the weekends.  Since we had enough snow that we couldn't drive up, yet not enough snow for snowmobile, we decided to spend the weekend at home.

Before Amy had been diagnosed with T1, she would have such fluctuations in her behaviour.  I know she was only 5, but man could that girl swing.  During one of her meltdowns with my mother (who provides daytime childcare for us), she was brought to her room to calm down.  She started kicking the wall next to her bed.  She kicked, and kicked, and kicked until her little heel went right through the wall.  When she came around she was so upset and embarrassed by it. We covered it with a poster until we had the time to patch the whole.  Almost a year later, we finally got around to it.

The end result :)

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