Friday, 26 October 2012


What a week we've had!

We received a phone call last Friday morning that our cabin, along with 8 others, had been broken into and burglarized.  Several thoughts went through my head at once, the condition of the cabin, what was taken, why us, how could we have prevented this......

We both left work and met the RCMP at our cabin to detail what was taken and to give statements.  In all we were pretty lucky, our electronics were all gone, including a tv and DVD player still in the box, as was the chainsaw, spotlight, tools and other items, but the windows had not been smashed.

By Friday night they had made an arrest, and by Wednesday night this week we had the majority of our possessions returned.  We are still missing the new items that we in the box, and are out the costs of repairs.  After all this I'm left with a sense of violation and anger!  It frustrates me to no end that my husband and I work hard for the things we have, and these people had the nerve to just waltz in and try to take it from us!  I'm frustrated that in court on Tuesday, the proceedings were delayed for 2 months!  And I'm angry that they will most likely walk away with a tap on the hand, essentially getting away with what they've done!  We have improved the security of our gate and have added other protective measures, so hopefully this will give us some piece of mind.

I'm proud to say that in amongst all the chaos Amy had one of her best weeks for BG control.  Not a reading over 9 mmol/l (which is really good for us!)

On another note, we are headed up to the cabin a night of rest and relaxation before the busy weekend kicks in.......ballet, birthday party, halloween party!

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