Friday, 5 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank goodness for long weekends is all I can say!  It's been one long week.  My grandfather had a quadruple bypass in another province two weeks ago, then some complications.  My mother, who is also our childcare provider, naturally wanted to be with him.  After some encouragement from myself and my sister, my parents embarked on the two-day road trip.  Thankfully, everything is headed in the right direction and he is out of ICU.  Without my mom here, things have been hectic.  We were taking turns with days off to watch the four year olds (Rylie and my niece), my sister's MIL came to town to help out, my MIL started watching Rylie-Roo today and our neighbour has been taking Amy after school so we wouldn't have to change the bus route!  It's been crazy!

Lunchtime today we received a phone call from the school that Amy had a low during the thanksgiving assembly.  She got up and went to her teacher telling her that she felt low.  Since they had forgotten her bag in the classroom, they went to test there.  She was 3.1 mmol/L, drank a Jr Juice and tested 15 minutes later with a 5.8.  I was pretty proud of her for recognizing her symptoms.

This week a note came home from school about a project they were doing.  Each student would trace their hand then complete the statement "(name) is thankful for (blank)". The hands would then be hung on the thanksgiving tree at the entrance of the school.  Being six years old, when I asked Amy what she was thankful for she replied with her toys and colouring stuff.  I said no, you need to think of something really good, something you can't live without.  She thought for a minute then said I'm thankful for......insulin.

So this weekend, I'm thankful for my family and all of our blessings, and I too, am especially thankful for insulin!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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