Tuesday, 30 April 2013

On Your Seventh Birthday

All week Amy was giving me the daily update as to how many more days until her birthday.  On Saturday, she woke up singing "today is my special day".  And it was special, she was 7 years old.

I think seven will be a different year.  She's not so small that I need to watch everything she does, but not yet old enough to do everything on her own.  I think this summer will be a struggle with myself, between letting her do things on her own around the neighborhood, and my need to be constantly watching her.  She is growing more independent every day!  This is the sign she posted on her door.

What is Amy like at seven?

Appearance wise, she is very tall, and has thinned out quite a bit in the last year.  Her multi colored hair (I swear there is red, brown, blond and grey all mixed in) has finally grown out enough so that we can put it in two braids again.  We cut about 10 inches off in November and donated it to Pantene's beautiful lengths program. She is also very particular about what she wears and whether it matches.  She is amazing and beautiful, and I hope she always feels good about herself and her appearance.

She does extremely well in school.  She is reading above grade level, and does math workbooks for fun. She has a way with words already, and has been writing and illustrating her own little books (I have them all saved in her keepsake box).  She loves to color, draw, do crafts, knit, sing and dance.  But she also loves to run around, ride bike and hang up side down from the swing set. She is learning to play the piano, takes ballet lessons and is involved with the Girl Guide program as a second year Spark.  In a week, we will see the start of the local soccer program too.

Don't get me wrong, its not always blue skies and butterflies.  We still have moments of struggle between us, fights with her sister and listening issues. But these challenges are becoming less frequent. 

In short my little lady is becoming an outgoing, intelligent, confident, caring individual.......who just so happens to have diabetes. 

I've purposely left out the diabetes part all the while describing who Amy is becoming and what she is involved in, because although it is a very important part of our life, it doesn't define who she is, or what she can become.

Everyday we face challenges in managing diabetes. Its ever-changing. What you did today, may not work tomorrow.  But we are doing it, we are making our way through, and finding what works for us.

My wish for Amy on her birthday is that she always know how much we love her, and that we will always be there to help her...with anything.

I also HOPE for a CURE in her lifetime.

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