Thursday, 28 March 2013

Freedom to be a Kid

5 weeks of pumping.

2 shots by pen from site problems.

4 untreated highs at school.

2 lows on the bus on the way home (that she treated herself)

3 hyper-ventiliating episodes before site changes.

1 pulled out site from playing rough with her sister.


2 Boston Cream donuts from Tim Hortons (the first in over a year).

3 Birthday party's eating whatever she wants.

1 family supper out at Pizza Delight.

50 carbs for recess on the last day of school before Easter Break.

The freedom to be a kid again.....Priceless!

We are still having some high, highs, and a few low, lows, and learning what works best for us, but for now, Amy says she would never go back.

Thank you to everyone who have shown us support in the last few weeks.  Its' much appreciated.

We fly to the city Monday for her quarterly check up, and hopefully a demo of the new Enlite Sensors so we can start the next step.

Happy Easter!

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