Sunday, 3 March 2013

Down she goes!

I had to come home from work early friday.

I received a call from the school.  They told me that Amy was low before dismissal, they treated with a Jr. Juice, but there wasn't enough time to retest before the bus left.  They were calling to let me know that she needed to be retested when she got home.  She was 3.3 before juice and would be on the bus for the next 40mins.

I thought about leaving work and chasing down the bus like the crazy women I felt at the moment, but in all honesty, had no idea what the route was.  I called my caregiver and asked her to test Amy the minute she walked in the door.  The minute! I then spent the next 30 or so biting my nails waiting for the phone to ring.

3.5. WHAT!

Give her some skittles and call me back in 15min.

3.9.  WHAT! WHAT!  I......I'll be there in a minute! (I literally live about 5 mins away from the hospital where I work).

I took off out the door, got on my cell before leaving the parking lot and explained to my mom (who cares for the girls during the day and after school) how to suspend the pump.

When I came in, I decided to wait a few mins before giving her anything else, hoping that the Jr Juice and skittles would do their stuff.

next test.....3.1.  What the heck, she went down some more....and isn't hooked up right now since I'd taken it off to upload what had happened at school during the day.

Okay.  Lets have a koolaid jammer.

Next test....10.something.

So, I hooked her back up.  She was at a good reading for supper, and I'll be, she was under 4.0 again before bedtime.

That's when it came to me.....she had gym that day.  She'd had gym three other days that week and it didn't seem to affect her, but today......

I had a look at the daily summary when I loaded it.  She had a little peak after lunch, then its like a linear line down until she bottomed out.  I'm not sure how to go from here as the other gym days didn't have this happen.  Its all so new to us too.

I also, have to go to the school.  We hadn't specifically covered what to do if she was having a low right at bus time.  Just that if she was below a certain level to give a snack.  I think I will be telling them, if it looks like she will miss the bus for anything diabetes me.  I'll come get her.

On another note, Amy enjoyed her first Tim Horton's Boston Cream Donut since being diagnosed last year.  She tells me that the pump is totally worth it!

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  1. I hate those hard to shake lows but so glad the pump is working out for ye. It takes quite a bit of management but the freedom as regards foods and eating times is great.