Sunday, 17 March 2013

The other end of the spectrum

I've posted about Amy's lows before, but not much about highs.

Before she started pumping 3weeks ago, she frequently had highs at 2pm.  I'm talking the 17-22 range (300-400).  I was close to requesting a change of therapy to Multiple Daily Injections (MDI), had we not started seriously looking into the pump when we did.

I hadn't really seen numbers like that since switching.  Unfortunately today was one of those days.  She was 17 (300) a few times today, and was due for a site change.

We effortlessly changed the site today without much fuss. Then headed to my parents house for cooked dinner.  Complete with Lemon Cake and green coloured lemon pudding frosting. Delicious!

Before Bedtime she was 24 (432).  I gave the recommended correction, tested for ketones (0.1) and tucked her into bed with the promise to recheck in an hour.

25. 5(460)!!!

I gave a correction with our handy dandy insulin pen that I'd changed the insulin in yesterday, and we woke her up to change the site. 

She was a real trooper!

There didn't appear to be anything wrong with the site.  It bled a little when we removed the cannula, but didn't appear bent or anything.

We have no idea why it didn't seem to be working.

That's my new pet changes that shouldn't be!

Going to be a bit of a long night of testing I guess.

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