Monday, 18 November 2013

Taking a Break

Taking a break....and I don't mean from Diabetes.  Although somedays I wish it were possible.

I want to start by saying I love the idea of a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM).  I love the information that it can give you.  I love that it can predict lows before they happen, and I love that if Amy were to go low overnight that the pump would shut off for two hours.

What I don't love is the lows that are predicted in the nighttime that aren't really lows.

We have found the Enlite sensors to be very pressure sensitive.  It doesn't seem to matter where we put the sensor, any amount of lying on it will cause alarms to right sometime throughout the week, that aren't low or trending towards low.

I don't know if we have a crappy lot of sensors, or if its something we're doing wrong lately, but we didn't seem to have this problem in the beginning.

Last week at school, Amy had a calibration error with her pump/CGM, they didn't match up closely enough and this caused an error.  She washed her hands and retested.  15 mins later another Cal Error.  What happens next is it nulls the sensor.  If you have two cal errors in a row, it tells you to change the sensor.  and that the end of it.  no bringing it back to life.  We've talked now that if she gets a Cal Error at school to just shut the sensor off.  We don't want to be wasting the expensive little buggers.

Anyway, she wasn't due for a sensor or site change for another two days.  She asked if we could just leave it off for those few days, and she would go back to testing at school for all snacks and maybe before the bus ride depending on how she felt.

We went those two days, then she asked if she could go a few more.

and you know what, I didn't argue with her.

I like the security, but you know what......I'm sleeping better.

I get up at 2/3 am and test her.  Make any necessary adjustments then go back to sleep.  No jumping out of bed every so often responding to bogus alarms.

I think I will let her take the break for awhile, then we will add it back again and see how it goes.

Have you taken a CGM break before?

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