Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Not much change

Amy's CDE emailed me the other Day.

Her A1C is down by 0.2%.

So why was I is disappointed?

I was expecting a more dramatic decrease, it had been since April, she'd been on the pump for 6 months, surely we would see a difference.  We Should see a difference.

I know one of our big issues is the post-breakfast spike.  I'm having trouble keeping that down.  And it's not like she eats an unbalanced breakfast, she eats really well.

That balance between carb ratio and basal then has been tricky.  

I find bedtime sometime troublesome as well.   If she's below 6.0, do I put in full carbs?  If I don't, will she go too high, if Ido, will she go low while she's sleeping.  And it's never the same, right?

Anyway, the important thing is she's happy and feeling good.

With some patience she will achieve target!

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