Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tuesday Tidbit: New Sensor Location

I'm so very excited to say that Amy finally tried a new spot for her sensor.  We have always used around her belly and the top part of her bum area just around her waistband.  I'm not usually the one who changes her sites, that's her dad's job.  It became more challenging to find a site when we added the sensor.  She seems to heal slowly and her skin is peppered with dots from old sites.  and I worry about proper site rotation so that we don't cause problems further down the road.

Well this saturday, with a little bribe from me and Maplelea, Amy let her father try her arm.

sorry about the orientation, its from my phone and I couln't get it to rotate.
I'm happy to say that the sensor is working amazingly and we have some of the best correlation of sensor and blood glucose results that we have ever had.

We are hoping that in the next few weeks she will let us try the upper thigh.
Has anyone used this area with the ENLITE sensor before?  What about another CGM sensor?  What were your results like?  and Amy would like to know if it hurt?


  1. Just happened upon this entry after reading your No D Day post. I use the Dexcom G4 and have moved to only using my the upper-to-back-sides of my thighs (where I have plenty of flab, being 40 years old and all :) My arms are sooooo sensitive, I can't imagine putting a sensor there! I have gotten the best readings from my thighs than from anywhere else, and as long as you don't hit a tender spot (which will happen on occasion) it barely stings to insert, and I never feel it after that.

    1. She tried her thigh last week and absolutely loves it.
      Only problem was when she tried sitting on the swing at the cabin. Will have to make sure it's on belly or arms for the long weekend!