Saturday, 7 September 2013

Three Days of Grade Two

We have made it through the first week of school....well the first three days, we started on Wednesday!

I mentioned earlier that on Tuesday we had met with Amy's new teacher and the class instructional resource teacher, who happens to have T2D.  As usual there was a lot of information to go over and things went well.  I went home feeling good about the meeting.

The first day of school came. 

I made sure that I wasn't working because it was Rylie's first day of Kindergarten and I wanted to put her on the bus, go to the school, and be home when she got off the bus.  Amy also wanted me to talk to her class about her diabetes so she wouldn't get so many questions about her pump and everything that goes along with diabetes.  I also wanted to be easily available if there were any questions from Amy's teacher.

At 9:30 I received a call.  Its recess time, Amy dropped her cheese string, does it need to be replaced?  No, that's a freebie, she doesn't have to replace it if she doesn't want to.  It was just extra if she was hungry.  Apparently that's what Amy told her to, but she wanted to make sure, since it was the first day.  Don't mind at all, please call anytime!

The rest of the day was good.  Amy mentioned that she only took her new school diabetes bag, a pink LUG bag, to her music class but not anywhere else.  I went over again how important it is that she takes it with her, and that if she didn't comply, we would start using the old "baby" backpack she was using last year!

On Thursday, at dismissal time I received a phone call from the school secretary.  They were wondering if they should put Amy on the bus because her sugar was pretty high and didn't seem to be coming down.  I asked to speak to the teacher, who told me that her sugar was above 20 since lunchtime and that they gave her a correction earlier and it seemed to be slowly coming down.  I asked that Amy be put on the bus to my mother's where she goes after school and someone would check it out then.

When I got off the phone I was stumped.  Amy is NEVER high that time of day, last year we were fighting lows!  I started wondering about pulled sites during gym class, malfunctioning pump, someone picking at it, missed boluses, etc.

When I got off work and walked in to my mother's house the first thing I jokingly said to Amy was "Gee, did you even give your lunchtime bolus today". 

Her face crumbled.

I checked the bolus history, and sure enough, the last bolus was the afternoon correction and the time before that was recess.  Of course, today was a day with 60g of carbs instead of the usual 30-40g she eats at lunchtime.

I wrote a lengthy facebook message to our new teacher.  Not angry but reiterating the importance of watching Amy test and bolus at lunchtime.  I got a very long email back of relief since we knew why she was low and a huge apology. 

Amy is very intelligent and dependable.  I know we put a lot of responsibility on her and she manages very well, but I sometimes forget that she is only 7 and does need that supervision.  At home we are there while she boluses, but I don't check her numbers that she enters anymore, so that's what I asked of the teachers. 

You don't have to do it.....just make sure that she does!

Between myself, Amy and the teacher, we have a plan in place to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

All in all, the first few days were good.  Amy is settling in, and Rylie made her first new friend at school.  Life is good.

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