Saturday, 14 September 2013


How do you overlook the fact that your child will be on a different bus for drop off this year.  With a bus driver that hasn't had your child before nor was told that your child has diabetes.

The school and the bus depot didn't tell this driver about Amy or give him the information sheets I'd supplied them with last year.  I had emailed the school about the change in their drop off address a few days before school started.  I foolishly thought the information would be passed along.  Ultimately, it was my responsibility.  I won't make that mistake again. (As an aside, the school has been great since the beginning)

Amy had a predicted low alarm on the bus.  She took out an apple juice and started to drink it.  Apparently the bus driver told her no food or drink on the bus.

Here is where I'm so very proud of my girl.  She stood up for herself.  She told him that she has type 1 diabetes and she needed that drink to treat her low blood sugar.  He asked her if she could have anything else instead like water.  She said no and that it was all gone anyway.  When she reached her stop at my moms house, she was near tears and very pale.

Here is where I'm so very proud of my mother.  The bus goes to the end of their road, loops around then doubles back.  My mom flagged down the bus, then proceeded to tell him about Amy's diabetes and that she has permission to eat or drink on the bus as needed.  Apparently he was very understanding when talking to my mom, and that Amy was upset because she thought he was mad at her.

In the end it turned out okay, but I learned a very valuable lesson.

I need to re-educate everybody.  Every year.

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