Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The eyes

Amy had a slight turn in her eye when she was little, we mostly noticed it in pictures

Amy 27 months, Rylie 1 month
We had her to the eye doctor with us a few times, but she didn't share the same concern until she was almost 3 1/2 years old.  By then, she had lost some of the ability to see 3D.  They told us that she would likely wear glasses until she was 6, and that her eye should be strengthened by then.

1st pair of glasses
When she was 6, we brought her back to they eye doctor.  She didn't want to wear her glasses anymore, and she actually remembered them saying "until 6 years old".  Apparently her eyes had learned 20/20, so we were told that she didn't need to wear them everyday, but should at school, or when she would be doing lots of reading and concentration work.  She did too, until about half way through the year.  We were dealing so much with diabetes by then, that we humored her and let her be.


Her eyes have really gone downhill. The turn is back (which I was noticing, but no one else seemed to).  She has to wear them full time again, with a stronger prescription.  They also took a picture of her eye as a baseline since she has diabetes.

I remember a time when I thought it was such a sin because there was something different about Amy.  That she had to wear glasses.  And that it wasn't fair because she had to deal with that.  Well, that was nothing compared to taking care of diabetes!

Everyday is different, and every day has its challenges, but every day is getting easier with time.

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