Monday, 8 July 2013

Happy Canada Day!!! (and more)


So I'm a little late on the post....sorry

But, Friday evening of the Canadian long weekend, we lost all modern day communication due to the fires burning in Western Labrador and parts of Quebec.  There was no point of sale purchases, no internet, and no cell phones! These services slowly came back over the long weekend, and were fully restored late yesterday evening.

We lost everything again the Friday of the American long weekend, until last night. I must say, its hard being on call with no cellular.  I was carrying around a brick of a pager that no one seemed to know how to use.  They kept calling my house leaving messages!
That aside, all things are well on the D-front. 
We are slowly learning to manage Amy's new desire to sleep in....All I ask, is for her to do it on the weekend to, not just during the week when I have to get up for work!
The sensor is working out well.  We've had some minor issues, but we are making it work.  I think I'm ready to try some basal testing using the CGM.
Saturday night, I thought we were in for a weeks battle, but it only last the night.  Amy threw up at my sisters house and then again at 1am.  I don't know if it was the birthday party, something she ate or a gastro bug.  Didn't last long....thankfully.  It was the first vomiting since on the pump, and it was nice not to have to force feed her when she was so obviously not hungry.
The past weekend was also my baby's birthday....she turned 5!
This is the cake that I made for her party.  Its my first attempt at using fondant.  I was quite please with it!

The summer here has been amazing lately.  Most people think that Labrador would be cold, but we typically have beautiful weather in the summer months.  Here the girls are cooling off while running in the sprinkler.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.  Can't wait for vacation time.  It will be great to see how pumping fits into travel plans.
Anyone have any great advice? 

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