Thursday, 18 July 2013

Kids 2, Mom 0

Last night was a bust.

Amy was riding high all yesterday.

I noticed when I got home.  When I asked about it, I was told that they'd tried to do a correction several times, but a lot of the time there was "enough" IOB to deal with it. I explained that these are the times that we would set a temp basal at a higher rate.  I give my mom credit, she's learning quickly these past few weeks while she has Amy daily during the summer.  I also know that she didn't want to call me at work as I was swamped this week and very short staffed.

So sometime after 12 am I finally got her BG at a respectable level.  By 2am I was awoken by a predicting low alarm.  I had a look, tested her BG, which was slightly higher than the SG.  I decided to play it safe, gave 1/4 cup apple juice to bump her up a bit, and set a reduced temp basal.  I went to bed satisfied, and actually turned off my 3am regular check alarm on my iphone.  Yay!  I might get 4 hours of sleep in a row!

MOM!  MOM! I just throwed up in my bed!

I jumped out fast and hauled Rylie out of her loft bed just in time for her to vomit again, but in the toilet.  I assessed the damage......all over the bottom of her PJs and a pile in the middle of her bed.  Thank goodness for waterproof mattress pads!

I woke Corey, and together we cleaned her up, and put the linens in the washer.  Amy woke up and said that her nose was stuffy and asked for some of her nasal spray.

Corey took the couch and Rylie went to bed with me.  After what seemed like 5 mins it was time to get up and ready for work while Corey stayed home with the girls today.

Amy woke with a high BG, a fever, and VERY swollen neck glands.  I haven't been able to see into her throat for any white patches, but her tonsils do look swollen.  I'm planning to give it a day or two and keep her basals bumped up as she is still running a bit too high.

One vomit-y, one sick-ish

Kids 2, mom 0

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