Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Summer Pump Management

I hope you didn't read my blog title and think that I was going to give all these great tips on how to manage the pump and diabetes in your child during the summer months and during summer vacation.

Because I'm not.

I need your help!!!!

We have been pumping for 3 months (already!).  We are slowly learning as we go, however this will be our first summer.

Some of you may know that yesterday was a holiday in Canada (Victoria Day) and hence a long weekend.
It may have snowed in Gander, but it was sunny and 18C+ in my hometown.

I was battling lows all weekend.
had her pump disconnected, had it on 25% basals, gave extra food.
Still went low.

Does anyone have any advise or suggestions on what they do with their kids?  What about during summer vacation?  What works for you?  What hasn't worked?

As always, I realize you guys are parents like me, and for the most part, not medical professionals.  I will of course, discuss any changes with my CDE.

Thanks :)


  1. I write my "school settings" down(this way I have a starting place in August) and adjust for summer. Justin usually needs more insulin because he gets a case of the lazies. School also causes a lot of anxiety for him too, which makes his bg drop.

    When we go to the pool/beach we usually remove his pump even though its water proof. That helps him with the lows(this is not recommended practice, but its what works for us). Some can't get away with that because their bg goes really high.

    If its just outside playing... I feed him snacks. A lot. :) I should probable find a better plan for this. :/

  2. Another thing to keep in mind is that for a temp basal rate to work, you have to start it a good 60-90 minutes ahead of when you want to see the effect.

    That was a big one for me.

    I can totally imagine that you always have two hours notice before she wants to be active, right? :-)