Monday, 10 December 2012

Clinic Day

Our town has one hospital that is staffed with family physicians.  They are quite capable and very friendly, however, we wanted Amy to be seen by an Endo at a children's hospital.  We wanted her to been seen by people who treat diabetes everyday.  To put this in perspective, Amy is one of six kids in our town with diabetes.

We are lucky enough to have two excellent insurances that covers travel and expenses to go to these appointments.  I'm also lucky that I'm able to bank time at my work as it usually requires me taking two-three days off to go to these appointments.

Overall her check up was good.  Her A1C is down by .6 from August.  It's still not where we would like it to be, but hopefully next month we will see a further reduction.  Our other change includes testing before the bus in the afternoon and only have her snack if her BG is <7.0.  She is still higher than we would like before supper and hopefully this will help.

She enjoyed our trip, we stayed in a hotel with a waterside and pool.  My husband got to go this time too.  They spent about two hours in the pool each night.  We gave extra juice and snacks before bed, but we still managed to go low.  I checked her before I went to bed, and gave her some milk to bump her up, then at 2am I awoke to a very sweaty little girl.  She was 2.9.  I gave her a Jr Juice, then went for a snack.  We were leaving the next day and somehow had managed to run out of something with protein. I went to the front desk and explained what was going on.  They were excellent!  They opened up the continental breakfast area and turned on the juice machine.  We got more AJ and some whole wheat PB and toast.  So here Amy was propped up on the bed eating toast and watching cartoons in the middle of the night.  And thankfully she went right back to sleep when she was done.

Note to self, ensure even more snacks when a pool is involved!

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