Thursday, 10 September 2015

Sleepover Time

Last year this time both girls were invited to a sleepover birthday party.

They both went to the party, with youngest daughter having all intentions of sleeping over.  Amy really, REALLY wanted to, but she was holding back.  At this point, she had only slept at both sets of grandparents houses, and an Aunt's house.

She stayed and played, and partied.  The mom, a friend of mine, texting often with foods that Amy wanted to eat, and what her blood sugar was.  The mom was anxious, but said that it was no problem for Amy to stay.  Amy wanted to stay, but really struggled, often saying that she was worried she would go low in her sleep and no one would know.

At around 1am, I received a call that she had fallen asleep in the chair.  She wouldn't even lay down with the other kids, because she was scared she would go to sleep and be forgotten.  I went and picked her up, and brought her home.

Fast forward one year and the same friend's birthday party!

Again, both girls went to the party, with both girls having the intentions of sleeping over.

Guess what!  They both did!

Earlier in August we bought Amy her first iphone.  She has a few key people in her contacts, two games, and the instructions that it isn't a toy.

Both Amy and the parent texted me with sugars, insulin on board and snacks.  At the end of the night/early morning when things were winding down, Amy was at about 6.7 mmol/L.  I asked Amy to set a shortish temp basal, and eat some of the popcorn they had and that she should be good until morning, knowing that no one was going to be doing a 3am gluc check. I slept very lightly that night, but never received a text until about 7:30 am when they were getting ready for breakfast.  She was 10.1mmol/L but I will take that any day.  I figured she would be slightly high, but knew that was better than going low overnight.  She was so happy!

She now tells me that she can sleep over anywhere!

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