Monday, 5 May 2014

Eight Years old

NO, I'm not talking about how long Amy has had diabetes.

I'm talking about Amy.  Last week, she turned eight years old.

Now eight may not seem very old, but this little lady is growing and maturing fast.  I'm not sure if its just the responsibility that goes along with having diabetes, or if it's just her personality.

My 8 year old! Diabetes don't stop us from having cake!

The knock off DQ ice cream cake I made.  Swaging here!

Amy's friends that attended her PJ party.  Thanks to my mom for the owls

Amy has had a great year.  She's reading above grade level and doing excellent in all other areas of school.  She needs to work on getting along with her sister, and I'm hoping the back talking is just a phase.

She has decided that she doesn't really like wearing the CGM, I've written about that in the past here.  We've decided not to push the issue.  She usually feels her lows just under 4.0.  We also have a pretty good handle on her basal rates.  I have told her that if she gets sick, we WILL be slapping one on pretty quick!

Her teacher this year has been wonderful.  She texts me pictures of holiday parties so I can give her a carb value to enter.  She informs me of events before they happen, when she knows about them, and when she doesn't she has learned to read how many carbs, but will still call to confirm that it's okay for Amy to eat.

I'm debating activating my old iphone 4 for her, but still have reservations that 8 is a little young.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  I think it a whole other post!

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  1. First of all Happy Birthday to Amy. My daughter turned 8 last week also!. As for the cell phone we did get her one. She uses it at dance class and when she is at a friends house. She will text me her blood sugar numbers or food she is going to eat and I text back what I want her to do.