Tuesday, 8 April 2014

First Crush

Amy turns 8 this month.  For some reason this seems like a big deal for me this year.  Eight seems so much older then seven, so much more mature.  We've already been talking about the summer months (since we're still buried in snow), and have come to the conclusion that Amy is old enough to ride her bike to the playground.  It's on,y down the road and around the corner, but we can't see it from our house.  I think she's old enough to go herself, but not old enough to watch her sister while there.  To be honest, I think I'm more worried that sister wouldn't listen to her, than her ability to keep sister out of trouble.

Another reason I know my baby is growing up, is she has her first crush!

He's an adorable little boy in her class.  They play well together, he comes to our cabin to play in the snow, sliding and snowmobiling,

And here's the interesting thing. There are not many children in our town with diabetes.  Amy is the only child in the 300+, grades Kindergarden to three school.  The little boy's older brother has diabetes.  He was diagnosed only a few short months after Amy.  Us moms spent a lot of time talking on the phone in the beginning and have remained friends,

I'm excited because I know I wouldn't worry (as much) if Amy wanted to play at their house.  The mom is actually going to coach their soccer team this spring. She knows what to do.  The little boy knows what to look for in Amy if something isn't quite right,

I love that her first little crush doesn't see the diabetes, but sees her, because it's something he's used to.

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