Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Does the Worry about Two ever End?

I'm wondering if the worry that your other children will be diagnosed with T1D will ever end.

I look for things.  I don't think I'm trying to spot them, but I'm trying not to ignore them.  Am I making something out of nothing? Is there really something there?  Am I just psyching myself out?

Lately, Rylie has been drinking more.  A lot more.  I'm worried.

Lately, Rylie has been very uncooperative and grumpy.  Not like her.  I'm worried.

Lately, Rylie has been eating more.  Looks skinnier.  I'm worried.

A tummy ache, a headache, anything not normal makes me wonder.
She's almost the same age as Amy was.

So what does the worried parent do?  Check their non-diabetic child's blood sugar when they sleep.

So far everything looks good.  She's had two readings at 6.1 and 6.2, but the rest have all been in the 4s.  I'm keeping an eye on it.  She knows it, and she knows why.

As she took a big chug out of her water bottle while doing homework, she casually says. "I think I'm getting diabetes, that would make both of us, Mom".

My heart sank.  Tears sprung to the corner of my eyes.
 I don't know if I could do two.  I don't know how she would cope. 

I HOPE it never comes to that.

Does the worry every end?

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