Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer Day Camp

Today was the first day that both girls went to Summer Day Camp.  Although schools been out for several weeks now, we are only just starting a new routine.  First we took a short trip to Dartmouth for Canada Day, then Amy had strept throat, then both girls had the chicken pox.

As I was getting everything gathered up, my husband made an off-hand comment about when I dropped them off. I was completely caught off guard and not prepared to do the dropping off.   You see, I work about a 5 minute drive from our house.  Husband works about 15 minutes from house.  I know, we don't have long distances to go.....but the summer day camp is just down the road from him.  I didn't want to drive all the way up on base, then have to come all the way back down.  I ended up quickly throwing my things together and taking them, because he wanted me to be the one to talk to the camp girls.  In the end, not a big deal.

I had already talked to the organizer and gave some information about managing Amy's diabetes a few weeks before the camp started, but hadn't talked to the young girl in charge.  I told her if she needed anything to just call me.

Lunchtime the phone rang. She told me that Amy's site was falling off.  I remembered that last night before bath her IV 3000 dressing was coming after returning from the beach, so we removed it and planned to put on another.  Guess we didn't put on the other one.  I sent Corey up to change it after his lunch.

At 3pm I get another call, her sugar is 18 and it won't give a correction because of the amount of insulin already on board.  I asked her to put Amy on the phone and had her put on a temp basal.  I also gave her some reasons why her sugar may be high.....including taking it off for a water fight.

In all, the day was good, my only concern now is that Wednesday is a scheduled beach day....all day!


  1. Sounds like you all did a great job at rolling with the punches of camp life!


    1. Thanks Karen. It's so new to us for something like this. I must say though, the young girl in charge has been excellent.