Wednesday, 5 March 2014

100th Post! (and latest Endo Visit)


I've made it to 100 hundred posts!

That may not seem a lot to some people, but I never thought I would post that much.  To be honest, I only started this blog because I was learning so much about other bloggers and their experience with T1D, that I thought it only fair to give them the opportunity to get to know me too.

And if I only have a few people reading but make a difference to one person, then that's ok, I've served my purpose.

Thank you to everyone who reads my ramblings!

On another note, Amy and I flew to the city for her diabetes clinic last week.
It's more than a two hour flight to get there, and we always have to over night for at least one night, but I enjoy the shopping!

Sunset from the air

We arrive for our appointment around 8:30.  Its usually a long appointment as we see the CDE, the Endo, the dietitian and a school liaison officer.  Because Amy is still only 7 and the appointments are so long, I need to come up with some good ideas to keep her entertained between seeing people.  Amy from Naturally Sweet Sisters talks about how she used to keep a bag of fun here, but how that changes as your children age.  Our last clinic visit was around Halloween.  The dental offices within the children's hospital was giving out loot bags to all the kids with clinic that day.  Within the loot bag was a small tub of Play-doh.  That has been our "thing" since then.  Check out a few of our creations that day.
Fries, Burger & Shake

Ice cream sundae

snowmobile and komatik


While we were busy creating, we were told to keep up the good work, that her numbers look pretty good.  They did her A1C, we don't get that back right away, but our CDE usually emails it to me.  She's gone down 0.3% again, so I'm happy with that.  Still not where I want her to be, but slowly getting there.  They also told us that she needed blood work done, as she hasn't had any since being diagnosed 2 years ago.

This is a big thing for Amy, even though she does site changes every 3 days, and was on needles for a year.  Well, she's scared of needles with long shafts.  There is a difference between a 4mm pen tip needle and a blood draw needle.  She cried a bit when she knew that she had to get it done through the arm, but was then a real trooper when it went in, even told the lab tech that it didn't even hurt.

When I got the A1C back, I also got her TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) back.  It was over the normal range.  The endo said not to worry, that she doesn't have a Hypothyroid, but we will have to check again in 6 months.

Over all, her appointment was good!
now on my own accord, I need to come up with some good ideas so that A1C can go down again next time.

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  1. Happy 100th post :)
    I can't imagine having to fly for a dr's appt. I complain about the 1 hour drive. lol