Monday, 7 October 2013

Blogging for a year


Has it really been a year?  I started Labrador Sweet October 5, 2012.
I'd found the DOC a few months earlier and was slowly making my way through all the posts from some of my favs, some of the ones I found I really connected to.  The ones that were providing me with useful everyday tips that CDEs just can't give you, something that only experience can.

A lot has happened in a year.  Amy celebrated her first Diaversary, started her first Insulin pump, and subsequent CGM.  We've vacationed in PEI, taken many trips to our cabin, and started a brand new school year.

I'm seeing much better blood glucose values, and have become more aggressive in treating highs as I've become more comfortable with what I'm doing.

Amy is also becoming more comfortable and learning how to take care of herself.

Thank you for all the advice, love and support over the past year.

Thank you for reading!

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